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Masala Catering PDX Logo in orange, greeen, red, and purple, displaying our name stacked on a platter, with a line drawing of a henna-designed hand holding the tray.

From the folks behind DesiPDX, Masala Lab, and Chaatwallah, Masala Catering brings you delicious Indian Fusion to your next special event.

Our menu includes dishes from all our locations,

and is guaranteed to be flavorful and delicious!

We offer many levels of service, from pick-up and drop-off to full service.

Click Here to be directed to more information and our policies.

We have two beautiful dining rooms you can reserve for your event.

For smaller parties, reserve the new 8-12 person party room.

Vibrant and spacious, the upstairs party room provides an intimate setting with a very cool view and an otherworldly feel.